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Edit the User Profile of Another

If you have the appropriate Access Group settings, you can edit other account member profiles. You can only edit an account member’s information from the User Details side panel.

How to Edit Another Member's Profile

  1. To open the User Details side panel, click on a member’s name or profile picture from almost anywhere in Mavenlink, with one notable exception being a member's name and picture in Settings >
  2. When the User Details side panel appears, click View Profile to open their profile page.user-details-side-panel-view-profile.png
  3. Select the Edit Profile button.access-group-set-users-edit-profile-button.png
  4. From the Edit Profile page, you can upload or remove a photo, and update other profile information.Profile-Member.png
    Note: You can upload nearly any image type supported by your browser; commonly accepted formats are JPEG, GIF (we do not support animated GIFs), PNG, or BMP—but you may get better results using PNG files. Although they can be larger, the ideal profile picture size is 288 x 288 pixels. Larger or longer images are automatically resized and cropped at the bottom to fit our size specifications.
  5. When you’re ready, click Save Profile.Save-Profile-Button.png
  6. A confirmation message appears. Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the profile changes to take effect.access-group-set-users-edit-confirm.png

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