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Access Group Set: Users


This access group set allows you to control which members can edit any account member's profiles or only edit their profile.Edit-Users-Access-Group-Set.png


This section lets you control which access group members can edit any other account member's profile or only edit their profile.View-Users.png

  • Edit profile—If checked, members in this group can edit any account member’s profile, including their own. Members with this permission will see an Edit Profile button after selecting View Profile from another member’s User Details side panel.access-group-set-users-edit-profile-button.png This box is automatically checked for members of the Account Administrators default access group.
  • Edit profile for self—If checked, members of this group can only edit their profiles. This box is automatically checked for these Account Default access groups: Report Viewer with Cost, Report Viewer, Project Lead, Project Creator, Collaborator, and Punch Clock.

Profiles can be updated from within Mavenlink or via the API, making it easier to update information such as LinkedIn profiles, photos, and more.

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