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Accessing a Project in Another Account

Available in: All Plans


External people can access accounts in two different ways:

  • They are invited to the account via the Talent Network (available only with Premier or Enterprise plans)
  • They are invited to participate in a specific project in another account.

Users that can access another account via the Talent Network are referred to as External Members and users that only have access to specific projects in another account are referred to as External Project Participants. External members access projects in different accounts using the Account Selector in the main app bar.


External Project Participants access all projects they have been invited to—including projects from other Kantata accounts—from the Project List within their own account.

Note: When an External Project Participant is added to a project in an account that added External Project Participants for the first time on or after January 17, 2023, projects for that account will not appear in the Project List of the External Project Participant’s account. Instead, the External Project Participant will use the Account Selector in the main app bar to gain access to a limited view of the account they were invited to collaborate in and they will view the project there.

How to Access Projects with the Account Selector

  1. In the main app bar, click the drop-down to the left of your profile picture.
  2. Select the account you would like to access.
    Note: If an External Member does not have access to log in to an account in their Talent Network, they will not be able to select that account in the list.
  3. In the left navigation, hover over Projects, then select the project you want to open.
    Note: The information that the External Members and External Project Participants can view will depend on their project permissions and the account permissions in their primary account. Further permissions can be given to External Members via access groups.

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