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Delete an Allocation



You can delete allocations individually as needed. For information on clearing all of a resource's allocations on a project or only allocations within specific date ranges, see Clear Allocations in Bulk for a Resource.

How to Delete an Allocation

  1. Hover over Resourcing in the left navigation and select Resource Center.
  2. On the Resource Center page, select the Projects tab.
    Note: Alternatively, you can select the Team Members tab, and then expand a resource to display their projects.
  3. Find your project in the Projects list and click the arrow to the left of the name to expand it. You’ll see all the named and unnamed resources that have been assigned to the project.
  4. On the timeline to the right of the specific resource, right-click the allocation you want to delete.


    For information on deleting all allocations for a resource, see Delete Allocations in Bulk.

  5. In the modal that appears, select Delete Allocation. A message will appear, indicating that the allocation has been successfully deleted.


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