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Add an Allocation to a Resource

Available in: Enterprise and Premier


Master Planning automatically accounts for individual time off, scheduled weekends, and company holidays assigned via Settings > Schedule. Unnamed resources use the Mavenlink default workweek/holiday calendar.

How to Allocate Resources by Percentage

When you allocate a resource in Master Planning, you’ll assign it as a percentage of the member’s available capacity between the start and end of an allocation. A team member's capacity is determined by their workweek, time off, and holiday calendars.

For example, if a team member is working a normal 40 hour week, and you assign them to work on a project for 25% of their workweek, Master Planning will automatically allocate 10 hours to that project for that team member. This is helpful if you’d like to utilize all of a member’s available hours across several projects.

How to Allocate Resources by Hours

You can also allocate resources by total number of hours. You can do this either by typing the exact number of hours in the allocation modal or dragging the appropriate number of days/hours across the timeline.

The number of hours assigned to each resource per day is based on the account default workweek, or any custom workweeks that have been set for individual team members.

For example, if one of your members normally works 4 hours per day and you assign them to work 3 days on a project, Master Planning will automatically allocate a total of 12 hours to the project for that team member.

How to Split an Allocation

There are times you may want to split an allocation for a single resource. For instance, you may need a designer to devote 20% of their available hours during the first week of a project and 100% of their available hours during the second week and third week. To do this, you’ll need to create two separate allocations for the resource.



How to Allocate a Resource

  1. Hover over Planning on the left-side nav bar and select Master Planning.Planning-Left-Side-Nav-Bar.png
  2. On the Master Planning page, select the Projects tab.
  3. Find your project in the Resource List and click the arrow to the left of the name to expand it. You’ll see all the named and unnamed resources that have been assigned to the project.MP-Projects-View-Expanded.png
  4. On the timeline to the right of the resource, click on the day for which you want the allocation to begin. Alternately, you can also click and drag through several days.
  5. When the Add Allocation modal appears, you can manually set the starting and ending dates, allocation by percentage (or hours), and designate whether or not the allocation is soft or hard.Add-Allocation-Modal.png
  6. Click Save to apply your changes.

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