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Delete a Resource

Available in: Enterprise and Premier


How to Delete a Resource

  1. Hover over Planning on the left-side nav bar and select Master Planning.Planning-Left-Side-Nav-Bar.png
  2. On the Master Planning page, select Project from the Group By drop-down menu.Project-Drop-Down.png
  3. Find your project in the Resource List and click the arrow to the left of the name to expand it. You’ll see all the named and unnamed resources that have been assigned to the project.MP-Projects-View-Expanded.png
  4. Click the More icon (“   ”) to the right of the resource name and select Delete Resource (for unnamed) or Remove Resource from Project (for named team member).Edit-Resource-Menu-Small.png
  5. If the resource is a team member, you’ll be warned that removing the resource will also remove all their assignments and allocations for the project. Click OK.
    Note: The primary resource can not be deleted.Remove-From-Project-Dialog.png

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