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The Universal Time Entry Form

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Introducing the Universal Time Entry Form.


This form allows you and your team to quickly and easily track time from anywhere in Mavenlink. Access the Time Entry Form via the Track Time button at the top of the application. You can log your time without leaving the page you're on or disrupting your workflow.


See All Key Information

You can see and enter all key time entry details in the form, including the duration, date, project, task, role (based on account settings), whether the time is billable, rate (must have Project Financials permission or higher), and your notes. This information will also stay in the Time Entry Form as you navigate around Mavenlink, even if you have not saved your time entry yet (does not carry across browsers or devices however).



Smart Defaults

Based on the project and/or task you select, the time entry form automatically populates the appropriate role, billability, and rate (rate only visible if you have Financial permission or higher in the selected project). Smart defaults ensure accurate details when you and your team track time.



Easy Access for Timer Users

When starting a timer, you'll see your time running in the top header at all times, where you can easily pause and start the timer. Users that like to time their work can now easily track time from anywhere in the app while still having access to all key time details. You canalso see your key time entry details (project, task, role (based on account settings), billability, rate (must have Financial permission or higher in the project), and notes retained in the Universal Time Entry Form as you navigate around Mavenlink (Note: your running timer persists across browsers and devices. The other time entry details, however, will not).



Note: the Universal Time Entry form is currently unavailable for users with Punch Clock permission level.


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