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Clone a Scenario


How to Clone a Scenario

Follow these steps to clone a project scenario:

  1. Click on Estimates in the left-side nav bar.Estimates-Left-Side-Nav.png
  2. On the Estimates Workbook page, select the Scenario tab that you’d like to clone.Estimates-Scenario-tabs.png
  3. Next, click the arrow to the right of the scenario name and select Clone.Estimates-Clone-Scenario-Button.png
  4. A new Scenario tab containing duplicate information will be added to the estimate. You may have up to five project scenarios per estimate.
  5. Now, provide information that differentiates this duplicated scenario from your others. For instance, you can extend the project duration, see how lowering the allocation affects the estimated cost, or you can change the Rate Card to adjust the expected profit margin.

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