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Create a New Scenario


How to Create a New Scenario

Follow these steps to add a new scenario to an estimate:

  1. Click on Estimates in the left-side nav bar.Estimates-Left-Side-Nav.png
  2. On the Estimates page, click on the name of the project estimate for which you’d like to add a new scenario.Estimates-Cilck-Estimate-Name.png
  3. In the following Estimates Workbook page, click the Add Scenario button.Add-Scenario-Link-2.png
  4. A new Scenario (1-5) tab will be added to the estimate. You may have up to five project scenarios per estimate.
  5. Now, provide information that differentiates this scenario from the others. For instance, you can indicate how certain dates are more cost effective or may have inflated budgets depending on who’s available to work on the project, etc.

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