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Google Workspace Permissions


Recommended for Google Workspace

Mavenlink understands that full account access is a privilege that should only be granted to applications you fully trust. We also understand that it can be difficult to assess which apps are secure, reliable, high-performing, and integrate well with Google Workspace products.

Luckily for you, Mavenlink is honored to be one of Google’s Recommended for Google Workspace applications.

Every Recommended for Google Workspace application is reviewed by Google and an independent third-party security firm to guarantee that the applications are safe, reliable, and meet their requirements for security and quality integration. Google reevaluates Mavenlink every 12 months to ensure continued reliability and good practices.


Google Account Permissions for Mavenlink

Mavenlink’s integration with Google Workspace requests permission to access your Google Account information. While Mavenlink can see and modify information in your Google Account, it can’t change passwords, delete accounts, or access your Google Wallet.

Although Mavenlink typically only needs basic data from your account, like name and email address, there are some that utilize “full account access”, such as Google Drive.

Listed below are the privileges that are granted to Mavenlink when integrated with Google. These permissions determine what information that Mavenlink can access and what operations can be performed when integrated.

Google Marketplace

  • When you integrate from the Google Workspace Marketplace, you’ll be asked if you’d like to add users that exist in your organization's Google Global Directory.

Google Profile

  • Reads your Google ID, username, and email; this is done for authentication so you can use the Apps Launcher to SSO (single sign on) into Mavenlink.
  • Uses your email address to give file access permissions on shared Drive documents.

Google Drive

  • Mavenlink accesses your Google Drive to build a list of files that it can use when you choose to attach a Google file to an activity post of a project; this list is also used for predictive text autocompletes.
  • Access to a shared Google Drive file by all current (or future) members of the associated Mavenlink project depends on whether the activity post is Private or Public.
  • Access to a shared Google Drive file depends on what you select when you add the file: Can View, Can Comment, Can Edit.


Google Contacts

  • Uses your contacts to build a pre-populated list for project invitations; Google contacts are shown with the "g" icon to the left of the email address in the To field.


  • Mavenlink creates a new Google Contact in your account for every project you’re assigned; this contact uses the same email found beneath the Team/Upcoming Tasks section in the Projects > Activity tab.

Google Tasks

  • Populates your Google Tasks list with all the Mavenlink tasks assigned to you.
  • Your Google Tasks list will appear in Mavenlink (includes status updates).

Google Calendar

  • Creates a new calendar in your Google account called Mavenlink and synchronizes it with all your associated tasks, deliverables, milestones, issues, and project due dates.
  • These will be visible to you as events on the calendar.
  • This integration only goes one way; nothing is pulled from Google Calendar into Mavenlink.

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