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Insights Classic: Settings - Access Groups



Insights Access Groups are not currently part of Mavenlink's standard Access Groups settings. Click here for more information about Access Groups.


The Access Groups tab of Insights Settings allows you to define which members have access to a selected set of dashboards. You'll also be able to create new Insights Access Groups and export a list of your current groups in Excel or CSV format.

There are two default Insights Access Groups:

These Insights Access Groups are automatically assigned to new Account Administrators and Reports Viewers by default. However, the dashboards for which these groups are authorized to access is determined by the individual dashboards they've been assigned.


The Access Groups tab consists of the primary toolbar followed by the access groups table. Here are some toolbar highlights:

  • Export—Use this drop-down menu to export an Excel or CSV (comma-separated value) file that includes the Access Groups, Access Levels, and Dashboards associated with each Account Member. By exporting access group information, you can easily see which members have access to which dashboards via Access Level and Access Group. This is useful if you have financial data that you want to verify only certain users can access.


  • Add Access Group—Click this button to add a new Access Group from a blank Insights Details side panel. Insights-Add-Access-Groups.png

Insights Access Groups Table

The Insights Access Groups table shows you the number of members belonging to each group and the two groups that are set as default.


  • Access Group—Click on the name of an Insights Access Group to open the Insights Details side panel; this allows you to set the default groups, decide which dashboards each group can access, choose which members belong to each group, and more.
  • Dashboards—This column displays a list of dashboards accessible to members of these access groups.
  • Members—This column shows the number of members belonging to each group.
  • Admin Default Group—New Account Administrators are assigned automatically to the Default Admin Group indicated here. If the default is not set, you will need to manually configure their Access Group. There is no change to the Access Group of an existing member when their current permission level is updated to Administrator.
  • Reports Viewer Default Group—New Reports Viewers are assigned automatically to the Default Reports Viewer Group indicated here. If the default is not set, you will need to configure their Access Group manually. There is no change to the Access Group of an existing member if their current permission level is updated to Reports Viewer.
  • Actions—Here you can Delete the access group; when you delete an Access Group, all members belonging to the group will no longer have access to Insights.



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