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Account Members Details Panel

Insights Access Group

Use the Insights Access Group section to set this member’s Access Group. An account member can only belong to one Access Group at a time.


  • Search—You can search for a specific access group in the Insights Access Group table; this is a reductive search that narrows what groups you currently have available to choose from.
  • Set Insights Access Group—This is a predictive text field that will start offering suggestions based on words in the access group name and/or the first letters typed.
  • Can Edit—By default, this box is only checked for Account Administrators. If you don’t want this member to have Edit access from the Insights dashboard toolbar, clear the check box.


When Can Edit is enabled, this member can create dashboard reports containing all your account data—which may be a serious security risk. To make certain that a member can only see data that applies to them, do not check this box.

  • Remove Access Group—The Remove Access Group (“   ”) button removes the member's assigned Access Group, it does not permanently delete the group from your account.

For more information, please see the Insights Access Groups articles.

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