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Add a Dashboard to an Insights Access Group

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When you update or make changes to an Insights Access Group, it may take up to fifteen minutes before users are able to access the Insights dashboards from the left-side nav.


How to Add a Dashboard to an Access Group

Follow these steps to add a dashboard to an Access Group:

    1. Hover over Settings from the left-side nav bar and select Insights.
    2. On the Insights Settings page, click the Access Groups tab.Insights-Settings-Access-Groups-tab.png
    3. Click the name of the Access Group for which you'd like to add a dashboard.Insights-Settings-Access-Groups-Select-Name.png
    4. After the Insights Details side panel slides open, click Dashboards.Insights-Settings-Side-Panel-Dashboards-section.png
    5. In the Dashboards section, use the Add a dashboard field to locate and select the dashboards you'd like to assign to this Access Group.Insights-Settings-Add-a-Dashboard-Field.png
    6. When you are finished, close the Insights Details side panel; changes in this section are saved automatically.


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