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Add a Dashboard to an Insights Access Group



When you update or make changes to an Insights Access Group, it may take up to fifteen minutes before users are able to access the Insights dashboards from the left-side nav.

Follow these steps to add a dashboard to an Access Group:

  1. Hover over Settings from the left-side nav bar and select Insights.
  2. On the Insights Settings page, click the Access Groups tab.Insights-Settings-Access-Groups-tab.png
  3. Click the name of the Access Group for which you'd like to add a dashboard.Insights-Settings-Access-Groups-Select-Name.png
  4. After the Insights Details side panel slides open, click Dashboards.Insights-Settings-Side-Panel-Dashboards-section.png
  5. In the Dashboards section, use the Add a dashboard field to locate and select the dashboards you'd like to assign to this Access Group.Insights-Settings-Add-a-Dashboard-Field.png
  6. When you are finished, close the Insights Details side panel; changes in this section are saved automatically.

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