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Insights gives you visibility into team and resource utilization, project margins, revenue and cost forecasting, and other important business metrics. Insights also allows you to create custom report dashboards that contain specific sets of filtered data that only certain users can access. This way, you can limit sensitive account data to members who actually need it, allowing them to focus on the information relevant to their role, department, or organization.

Access to Insights dashboards is restricted based on account-level permissions; by default, only members with Account Administrator or Reports Viewer permissions have access initially. Members with these permission levels are assigned to two predefined Insights Access Groups that you can keep or change to your liking.

  • Members who currently have Account Administrator permissions are assigned to the Admin Access Group; they have unrestricted View and Edit access to all dashboards.
  • Members who currently have Reports Viewers permissions are assigned to the Report Viewer Access Group; they start with View access, but can be given Edit rights for unlimited access.

An Access Group is a set of members that all have access to the same Insights dashboards. With user-defined Access Groups, you can give Insights dashboard and report capabilities to any account member, regardless of permission level. You can create as many Access Groups as you need, allowing you to be very granular when building reports that people see.


Insights Settings

How to Configure Your Insights Settings

Only available to Account Administrators, Insights Settings is where you define member access groups and manage your custom reports. To access Insights Settings, use the left-side nav bar and click on Settings > Insights.


On the Insights Settings page, you will have access to the Dashboards and Access Groups tabs.

To learn more about configuring Insights Settings, please see the following articles:

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