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Project Resource Planner



Mavenlink’s Resource Planner allows Project and Resource Managers to see both the team members assigned to a project and the resource plan in one place. Accessible to any provider-side project member with Financials permissions and above, you can locate the Resource Planner tab in any financial project next to the Time & Expenses tab.

Resource Planner

You’ll see all of your team members on the left side, followed by their total Estimated, Allocated, Scheduled, and Actual hours for the project. This allows you to see how you’re tracking against your plan all the way through a project’s life cycle.


If you have unnamed resources in your project, you can select the resource to open the Resource side panel. From here, you can define and fill resource needs by Role, Skills, and Custom Fields. For more information, see Resource Side Panel Overview.


On the right of the Resource Planner, you’ll see a timeline with the total number of hours that each individual is scheduled to work on a project on a daily basis.

The days of the week are highlighted based on global allocation and workweek information, allowing you to see how much a particular individual is utilized.


Clicking on the triangle to the left of a team member allows you to view all of their assigned tasks for this project and make changes to their schedule. When expanded, the Time Off row appears directly below their name; if the member has any scheduled time off, this row indicates the number of hours for each day.


Scheduled time off is represented by a small, gray triangle in the upper-left corner of a day in the timeline. The striped gray bars represent weekends, holidays, or days when a team member has all of their capacity scheduled as time off.


The colored bars in the timeline are visual representations of an allocation. A thin, solid line indicates that a resource has scheduled hours for at least one task in a project.

The Resource Planner legend allows you to quickly reference what these colors represent.


Getting Started

To start building out your resource schedule, select Projects from the left-side nav bar. Alternatively, you can hover over Projects and select one of the Recent Projects.

Next, click on the Resource Planner tab. From here, you can see project resources that were booked using Master Planning; you can also see when—and for how many hours—people are planned to work on a project, including those who have been assigned tasks.

If you’re using the Resource Planner to estimate when and for how long you’ll need certain resources, you’ll want to start by either building your task plan in the project Task Tracker or by applying a template to a project and mapping resource placeholders to your project resources.

You can then estimate hours per task to indicate your resource needs; a Resource Manager will then approve these estimates by booking resources to this project via Master Planning.

When you’re ready to build out your resource schedule, use the Resource Shaping tool to turn your estimated hours into scheduled hours—while respecting your resource’s availability.Resource-Shaping-Tool.png

Once your project is in motion, you may find that some resources are completing tasks ahead of schedule. When this happens, you’ll want to use the Clear Only Future Scheduled Hours option so that resources can be freed up and utilized for other projects.


If you ever need more information about a particular task, just click on the task’s title to access the Details panel that slides open from the right.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my resource overallocated?

When one of your team members has days of the week that are shaded red, you may want to know what other tasks they’ve been scheduled to work on that day.

To find out, just select the day in question to get a list of their daily tasks. If your permissions allow, selecting a task name takes you to the Task Tracker tab and opens the task Details panel.


How can I see how many hours a resource is allocated to work for a week?

Hover over days of the week that have a blue or red Allocation bar across the top to see the weekly total allocated hours.


How do I remove a resource from assigned tasks if they’re no longer working on a project?

Select Unassign from All Tasks from the Actions drop-down menu to remove all of the assigned tasks from a resource.


How do I assign tasks to a resource from the Resource Planner?

Select Assign to Task from the Actions drop-down menu, and then select the task that you want to assign to a resource.


How can I see more weeks in the Resource Planner?

Make a selection from the drop-down menu (to the right of the week picker) to display two, four, or six weeks at a time. The Resource Planner will remember your selection for the next time you visit.


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