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Reassign a Team Member's Role on a Project


How to Reassign a Team Member's Project Role

To reassign all project tasks for a particular team member:

  1. Select Rates & Roles from the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.Rates-Roles.png
  2. The Rates & Roles page consists of a table which allows you to add, delete, or reassign roles for each of the team members participating on a project.
  3. Locate the team member whose tasks you'd like to reassign.
  4. Select Reassign from the horizontal More (“   ”) menu in the Actions column.MR-Reassign-Select.png
  5. Next, select the member to receive the tasks from the corresponding drop-down. In the example below, we are reassigning all of Angela's Project Manager duties to Elliott by selecting his name from the drop-down menu.MR-Reassign-Person.png
  6. The person you select from the drop-down menu will now have two roles on the project and all task assignments and scheduled hours will be moved to the selected member, even tasks that are marked as Completed .MR-Reassign-Multiple-Roles.png
  7. Note: If a team member has multiple roles on a project, the reassignment is done at the role level (as shown in the example above).
  8. Your changes are automatically saved. You can now return to the main project or close the window.

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