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Change a Team Member's Primary Project Role

Available in: Enterprise and Premier


How to Change a Team Member's Primary Project Role

To change a team member's Primary Project Role:

  1. Select Rates & Roles from the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.Rates-Roles.png
  2. The Rates & Roles page consists of a table which allows you to add, delete, change, or reassign roles for each of the team members participating on a project.
  3. Locate the member whose Primary Project Role you'd like to change. Remember that if Rate Cards are enabled, you will only see Roles associated with the Rate Card on the Project.
  4. Click on the Expand More icon (“   ”) to the right of the role under their name; this causes a drop-down menu to appear.MR-Change-Primary-Role.png
  5. Select the member's new Primary Project Role.
  6. After changing the Primary Project Role, you will be prompted to backfill the bill rate and role on uninvoiced time entries for this team member. This option is useful for updating the member's bill rate on multiple time entries to the bill rate of the new role. If an account-level time lock is set, this will not backfill time entries prior to the time lock date.Backfill-Rate-Role.png
  7. When the Account Role of a team member is overridden, an asterisk (“ * ”) will appear to the right of the role drop-down menu. Hovering over the asterisk allows you can see what the original Account Role was before it was overridden for the project.MR-Change-Primary-Role-Override.png
  8. Your changes are automatically saved; you can now return to the main project or close the window.


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