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Post Formatting Markdown


Markdown is a lightweight, human-readable markup language used for formatting text. It’s a simple way to add things like bold, italics, lists, links, lines, and—if you want to be really expressive—emoji to the text you post in your Activity feed. 

post-formatting-3.pngMarkdown is available in the following areas:

Markdown formatting is preserved and appears correctly in your daily activity digest emails (i.e. the emails sent out with your Activity Feed posts).

Adding Markdown to Posts

The following table demonstrates how markdown can be used to add common formatting to posts. There are multiple ways to achieve the same formatting. 

Formatting Entered text Published text
Bold This is how you **bold** text.
This is also how you __bold__ text.
Italics This is how you _italicize_ text.
This is also how you *italicize* text.
Underline This is how you ==underline== text. post-formatting-underline.png
Bulleted lists * Bullet type 1
- Bullet type 2
+ Bullet type 3

Don't forget a space after the asterisk, hyphen, or plus symbol.
Numbered lists 1. Step one
2) Step two

Don't forget a space after the period.
Links post-formatting-url.png
Horizontal line Use three hyphens ---.
You can also use three *** or ___.

Don't forget a line break before and after your horizontal line.
Emoji :smile:

You can also use the toolbar below the activity post field to add bold, italics, underline, bullet lists, numbered lists, and emoji to your

Previewing Markdown

When using markdown in Activity Feed posts, you can Preview your formatting before submitting the post. First, create or edit your post using markdown formatting.


Next, click Preview to see how your text will look when posted.


Emoji Markdown

Sometimes words aren't enough and only an 🙄 emoji can adequately express how you feel. Thankfully, you can add emoji to Activity Feed posts using simple markdown syntax; just wrap the name of an emoji in colons, such as :unicorn: and Mavenlink will render a beautiful 🦄.

In Activity Feed posts, the names of emoji will autocomplete for you. So, if you start typing :uni, a list of matching emoji will appear; press <enter> or <tab> to add them to your post.

Feel free to use the following Emoji Cheat Sheet as reference.


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