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Overriding a Project's Cost Rate

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Although the default rates for all new projects are set on the Account Members page, there may be instances where you want to change the cost rate for one project, but not necessarily any future projects.

Rate and role overrides affect both Insights and Margin cost reports; rate differences are reflected based on the selected project.


How to Override the Set Cost Rate for a Member

To override the set cost rates for each member participating in this project:

  1. After the project is created, select Rates & Roles from the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.Rates-Roles.png
  2. When viewing the Rates & Roles page, the Account Cost Rate will reflect the member's currency cost rate that matches the project's Currency type.
    • If the member already has a cost rate override set for this project, that rate will be shown.
    • If no override is set, the member's cost rate will be shown if it matches the project's Currency type.
    • If the member doesn't have a cost rate for that currency, it will indicate that the user has No RateRates-Roles.png
  3. Check the Override box next to the cost rate in Rates & Roles.
  4. Regardless if you specify a new cost rate or leave it blank, the member will maintain the overridden cost rate for the entirety of the project, no matter what changes are made to their Cost Rate table in the Financial tab.
  5. When you are finished, click on Save Override Changes.

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