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Selecting a Project's Currency Type



When you create a new Project, you have the ability to set the project's currency type. Any members that are added to the project with a matching currency cost rate will have it automatically assigned.

How to Set a Project's Currency

  1. Hover over Projects from the left-side nav bar and select Add New (“   ”).
    - or -
    Select Projects from the left-side nav bar and then click the Add Project button on the subsequent Projects page.
    - or -
    Change your Financials settings after the project is created by selecting Settings from the Actions (“   ”) drop-down menu located to the right of the project name.
  2. In the Financials section, click on the Currency drop-down menu and select the project's currency type. To narrow your search, type all or part of the currency name in the Search for a currency field and click the Search (“   ”) button.New-Project-Financials.png
  3. If a new project is created with the specified Currency type, every member you add will have their cost rate default to the currency of the project.
  4. However, if the member has an Account Cost Rate Override for that Projectthat cost rate will be used instead. If no override is set, the cost rate selected for that member will match the Project's set currency.
  5. Click on Create Project or Update Project to save your changes.
  6. When you view the main Project List, the Total Cost column shows the currency cost rate selected for the project.Projects-Total-Cost-Filter.png


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