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Organizations in Analytics Reports



To ensure accurate Analytics report data, each project and member in your account must have a designated department and geography.

Analytics Reports

When Kantata OX's Organizations functionality is enabled, it affects how Analytics reports are used.

For example, let's say that Angela Jacobs, a Project Lead-level Account Member has access to Internal projects in the Boston office. Angela will be able to see Analytics reports for any project that is Open to Organization Members and also tagged with:

  • Internal and Boston
  • Internal and All (Global)
  • All (Whole Company) and Boston

Analytics-Time-Tracking.pngThis includes:

  • Projects that Angela cannot voluntarily join such as Project Access: Internal/Boston/Invite Only.

This does not include:

  • Projects tagged with All (Whole Company) or All (Global) such as Orgs: Internal/All.
  • Projects that Angela has been given access to by an Account Administrator that are outside her affiliated organizations such as Client - Internal/Salt Lake City.


Please note that the Organizations functionality does not limit Insights reporting. If you have access to an Insights dashboard, you'll be able to view all project data, regardless of which organization(s) you belong.

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