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Apply an Organization to Account Members


How to Apply an Organization to Account Members

When using Kantata's Organizations functionality, your account members will need to be associated with a corresponding department and geography.

Follow these steps to assign your account members to the appropriate organization(s):

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Settings, then select Members.
  2. Click on a name from the Member list to open the Account Member Details side panel.
  3. Click on the Organizations tab.Organizations-Selection2.gif
  4. Select the department(s) and region(s) you would like this member to access. They can access every Department or Geography going up the hierarchy from their current selection, but can not see across or down or unless the checkbox for that department or has been specifically selected. This way, you can easily create projects that only your department(s) can see, preventing information overload for those who don’t want—or need—to see everything.

In the example above, Angela Jacobs has been given access to Internal projects for the South Salt Lake office. Angela can now voluntarily join any project that is Open to Organization Members and also tagged with:

  • Internal and South Salt Lake
  • Internal and Utah
  • Internal and All (Global)
  • All (Whole Company) and South Salt Lake
  • All (Whole Company) and Utah

When Angela visits the main Projects page and selects Organization Projects from the Show drop-down menu, she'll see the following:Organizations-Projects.png

Although Angela can see the projects indicated above in the Projects list and Analytics reports, she is unable to Join because they are marked as Invitation Only in the Privacy section of their Project Settings.

When Angela selects Your Projects from the Show drop-down menu, she'll be able to see any projects that she has been added to by an Account Administrator, regardless of the organizations to which she belongs.



Keep in mind that Kantata's Organizations functionality does not limit access to projects or team members in Resource Center. For example, a member belonging to the Boston and Professional Services organization can see all users in Resource Center, not just those belonging to their own Boston and Professional Services organization. However, users who wish to filter the Resource Center list by organization will only be able to do so by the organizations for which they belong.


Time Approvals and Organizations

To approve time when using Kantata's Organizations functionality, a manager must have the same (or broader) organizational access to the project where time was logged.

For more information, see our Designate Time Approvals article.


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