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Setting Up Your Organizations


Getting Started

Organizations provide a simple way to structure your people and projects. Defining your departments and geographic regions allows you to audit how different areas perform and better control which projects your account members can access.

First, you'll need to determine how to divvy up your Account Members; this can be by department, region, or a combination of the two. After you've established your organizational structure in Settings, you'll be required to associate each member with their designated area(s). When you associate a department or region with an account member, you can give that person access to view and voluntarily add themselves to related projects. You can also give individual members access to multiple departments and regions.

Note: There's currently a limit of 400 Organizations that can be set up for an account.

How to Set Up Organizations

  1. In the left navigation, hover over Settings, then select Organizations.
  2. On the Organizations page, you will see the Departments and Geographies tabs. We strongly recommended that each project and member have a designated department and geography so you don't lose data in Analytics; however, if your organization doesn't utilize a particular taxonomy, you are allowed to leave one of these tabs at the All (Whole Company) or All (Global) level.Orgs-Departments-Geographies.png
  3. To add a new department or geography to your structure, click on the Sub icon to the right of the All (Whole Company) or All (Global) top-level parent.
  4. Continue adding to your organization by department and region as necessary.Orgs-Naming.gif
  5. Once you've set up your organization, go to the Account Members section to assign your account members to their designated organizations.


Only Account Administrators are allowed to create, remove, or edit the organizational structure in Organizations Settings.

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