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Create an Invoice Across Projects by Client


How to Create an Invoice Across Projects by Client

  1. Once you have time entries and/or expenses that you’re ready to invoice, hover over Billing from the left-side nav bar and select Invoices.

  2. Choose to create an invoice across projects by client.across-projects-by-client.png

  3. Next, you’ll be prompted to select a recipient. As you start typing a recipient's name, the drop-down will populate with a list of relevant selections.Recipient-Drop-down.png
    Note: Only Clients with Edit Financials (or higher) project permissions will appear in the recipient drop-down.
  4. Next, set the details such as invoice title, project code, purchase order, tax percentage, date, payment schedule, and any notes that you deem necessary to apply. Mavenlink will automatically increment the Invoice Number, so you can start with any number and your invoices will increment from there; optionally, you can manually update the invoice number each time.Set-the-Details.png
  5. If you need to add additional details with rich-text formatting, expand the Add Additional Details Rich-Text option. This field allows you to paste in HTML-styled information to customize the invoice being sent, including basic styling, tables, and justified formatting. You can also paste information from Microsoft Word and Excel. These additional details will appear at the bottom of your invoice.Additional-Details.png
  6. In the Expense Formatting section, you can organize the individual expense-based line items differently by selecting one of the following options:
    • Detailed
    • Grouped
  7. These options allow you to choose whether expenses appear in your invoice as individual line items (arranged by date) or all rolled-up into a single item.


  1. In the Time Formatting section, you can organize the individual time-based line items differently by selecting one of the following options:
    • Grouped by person, then task
    • Grouped by task
    • Detailed
  2. Each option allows you select the individual details that appear on your invoice.


  1. Before you can select individual line items to add to the invoice, you’ll be asked to specify which projects—associated with the recipient—you’d like to select from. When you're finished adding projects, click Select ProjectsProject-Recipient.png
  2. If the project(s) you've selected have fixed fee tasks, uninvoiced time, or approved time expenses, then the Time Entries, Fixed Fee Items, and/or Expenses sections will be available. Check the boxes next to individual line items in these sections to add them to the invoice.
    Note: Items that require approval will not appear until they have been approved. Depending on your project or default invoice settings, non-billable expenses also may not appear.Time-Entries.png
  3. You also have the option to Add an Additional Item (or items) that may not have been entered during the initial creation of the Mavenlink project.Additional-Items.png
  4. Once you’ve provided all the required information and line items, you can choose to Send the invoice or Save as Draft; this allows you to make changes or add additional information later. You can also Preview the invoice at any time. Clicking Clear will remove any information you’ve added and all the options you’ve selected, allowing you to start over.Send-Save-Preview-2.png
  5. When you Send, Save as Draft, or Preview, you’ll be able to view the invoice, including its current Status. Invoice-Sample-Tear.png
  6. When you Send an invoice, notification will appear in the project’s Activity Feed.Activity-Feed-02.png
  7. You can take action on the invoice from the Activity Feed by clicking Mark as paid; doing so gives you the opportunity to add an optional message. Mark-Invoice-As-Paid.png
  8. You will then see your updated message and status in the Activity Feed when you view the invoice in the future.Payment-02.png


If you’d like to send an invoice to someone who’s not in Mavenlink, you can export the invoice by clicking on the appropriate Invoice #xxxxx link (found on the invoice table in the Invoices section of Billing) and selecting to export a collapsed or expanded .PDF invoice.

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